Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is Sex Humorous ....or Serious

Sex is Serious

Since it’s norms form the basis of Society
Or when it leads to unwanted pregnancy
When adultery leads to murder or blackmail
And if exposed, to sensational scandal
When interruptions lead to chronic frustration
Or else to regular mutual satisfaction
When it’s vital for inspiration
Or even for society to need prostitution
When forced to abstain from the vice
Or else realize the new bride is already wise
Psychologically & emotionally - the first time
When teaching a virgin about love sublime
When it becomes a brutal rape
Or one has a sexual disease to drape

Sex is Humorous

When Eve teases & Adam pleases
Or when mind wants but body refuses
When forbidden & daringly acquired
Or when talking about it & over heard
On a tree or on the kitchen floor
Or when one’s talking on the telephone
At odd times during prayer or after breakfast
Or on propositioning be turned down at last
In a moving car in heavy traffic
Or interrupted by a child, pet or tick
When a new position is difficult n slipping
Or reminded by eye-contact in a serious meeting
When one is insatiable & bold
And ardour is lost due to heat, or cold !

Vivek Sanyal Jwala Camp, Siachen Glacier
29 Nov ‘89

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